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SD Mission Update

I've been hearing many exciting reports from Jerry about how things are going on the Reservation. Les Olsen and his wife, Eva, have joined the team on many of their outings. Please continue to pray and follow the team through the itinerary in the featured blog.

Almost every time I speak with Jerry he is sharing about people accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. At the Juvenile Detention Center 11 people made decisions, one of whom was a guard. During the next 3 sessions at the Adult Correctional Facility 30 men and 8 ladies did as well. Those were just the decisions recognized at the end of their programs. There were additional decisions made during the one-on-one times. Below are two pictures: one is of a couple (Ryvee & Jenine) who accepted Christ, the other is of Stan Points & Rogers Eagle Foot who did as well. All praise to God!

Please find below just some more fun shots of the team doing what they love & having fun doing it.

Thanks again for standing with us.

Rejoicing in Christ,


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