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Steelpan Mission has begun! First stop: South Dakota, partnering with Les Olsen and o

Warm Wyoming greetings,

After months of intensive preparations, the mission team departed for South Dakota yesterday morning. The team is made up of both our Steelpan Mission Team and additional short-term mission team members for the Indian Reservation portion of the trip. They already had quite an eventful start to the trip, with 3 flat tires and the AC went out in the Expedition. The team members just took this as a sign that God is going to do some great things through this evangelism effort. Their attitudes are great! Their first program was last night and went very well. I spoke with Jerry this morning and everything seems to be back on track. He's on his way to Winner, SD to repair the AC.

Because of health complications (both because of the migraines/lupus/narcolepsy and because of the constant adjusting of meds- withdrawal symptoms & side effects as they try to get the right combo for best treatment), I could not go on this trip. Quite simply, it was too much for me, and I have plenty to catch-up with and maintain here. Although I do feel like I'll be missing out, I also believe I'm right where I need to be.

We appreciate your prayers covering all aspects of the trip: from those we serve with, those we hope to reach, those who have partnered with us, and for our team. The impact is far-reaching and eternal. Thanks for standing with us.

We are all very excited to see what God does through the next few months. Again, we could not do what we passionately love without you standing beside us- all praise to God!

Co-laboring with you,

Kathy (for all of us at One-Way)

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